About the Secret Players Society

Secret Players Society is the name given to a musical project that has been bubbling under the San Francisco fog since 2009. Helmed by an unnamed singer-songwriter, Secret Players Society came together after she lured her friends into the studio with the promise of free booze and good times – and her friends were kind enough to show up. Working on this iteration of Secret Players Society are Will Sprott on guitar (The Mumlers), Elias Reitz on drums & percussion (Gojogo, Painted Cakes), Laura Ortmann on violin (Family Dynamics, The Dust Dive), Stuart Bogie & Eric Biondo on horns (Antibalas), along with a few other secret soldiers. The songs were built from the ground up, starting as field recordings from disparate Northern California sounds – train horns, sea lions, church bells, roller coaster screams – and then cradled and molded into ragged, cosmic folk songs.